My name is Annette Hilliard. I'm outspoken but yet shy in many ways. I buy tweezers, nail clippers & deodorant on an OCD level, I never run out of these!!!!!! I'm the middle child of three and next to the youngest of five. Papa was a rolling stone lol! (Shout out to Mike, Tonya, AJ, and Meka.) I'm the first to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in my immediate family on both sides maternal & paternal. I'm obsessed with Pinterest. In middle school I was a bully. I wanted to be the bully so that I wouldn't get bullied and I'm regretful about the way I treated several people in life who didn't deserve it. I like to joke on my siblings but get mad when they joke on me. I was pregnant at age 14 and gave birth at 15. Maybe they should have had that show 15 and pregnant back in 1996. I love chic flicks and hate scary movies! I ABSOLUTELY HATE styrofoam, the noise makes my skin crawl and teeth cringe! I am the ONLY child that my father saw born out of five! Not that I'm special. My mother just happened to be with him in Italy where he was stationed at the time!!! Yay, I have dual citizenship! I started school at age 4 and graduated at age 17. I love to see kids dance and do funny things, with one being my youngest son Cj. He's so much like me it's scary! I can't imagine life without him. I could say so much but this entry is about me lol!  My favorite upcoming rap artist is my oldest son SaVonte'. He's so interesting to me and he thinks I'm a stalker and hater when I just secretly admire him! I'm very protective over him because we've practically grown up together, this guy changed my life FOREVER!!!!

I'm  a small town girl with big city ambition. I often imagine myself flying from city to city, and country to country speaking on the goodness of God and helping redirect the lives

 of broken teenage girls! I would love to be able to make this my career! I absolutely hate when people are mad at me!!! I feel that I need to fix it BUT I've learned that people will either forgive or let things fester so I choose to forgive myself and move forward! To sum it all up... I live to love and I LOVE TO LIVE. Welcome to my life as Annie Lynn.




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