Choices we make

Sometimes we don't realize that the choices we make in life will always have a lasting impression on certain individuals no matter the circumstances.

I am realizing although I have changed my life there will be individuals who can't accept the change and do not respect where God has taken me.

I know that this isn't for me to understand because all of my inspirations and assignments have been planned and ordained according to the purpose and position God has on my life. This life I live is not for my glory! It's about the glory that God allows to evolve over time.

It gets hard sometimes when you know that you are pushing forward and trying to align with the purpose of God but the enemy is designed to use those who are sometimes dear to us to throw darts and ignite flames that momentarily appear difficult to put out.

I am a light with a purpose to help heal brokenhearted dependent women so that they will begin to understand that God is the only person that we should depend on in difficult times. No one should have to be complacent with being a beggar. When God sends someone to bless your life you will not have to lie for it, steal, or sleep with anyone to receive the blessing.

I've done so much hurtful stuff in the past no one trusts me and everyone thinks I'm out to get them. I am a new vessel in God. It's so sad that I created the monster I was and now I get upset when no one takes me serious or still wants me to be the person I used to be. I have a hard time dealing with others not believing who I've become and I'm praying that God will deliver me from other's opinions.

I am a woman of God no matter what they think.

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