Do you really know?

When you begin to take self out of situations the Glory of God can be easily identified. We often look at someone's outer appearance before we give them the opportunity to make light of who they are. I feel, no one wakes up and decides that they want to be homeless, a addict, poor or abused just to name a few.

I have had the pleasure through various positions to sit and speak with people of many backgrounds, levels of education, and living situations. I remember one particular occasion that changed my perspective about judgment.

There was a young lady who I was assisting with federal assistance. She came in to my office with her head hanging low, puffy eyes, and a very physically drained demeanor. I heard God's voice speak to me and say " Be polite and listen". In this moment I had no idea what I would be facing.

The young lady had married her high school sweetheart, they bore several children, and she was a stay at home mother. Her husband was a truck driver. During some point in time he had chosen infidelity. This would later lead to her becoming HIV positive. He was the only man she had ever been with sexually.

She chose to stay in the relationship and honor her vows however, her husband fell ill and passed away. Due to this she was left to care for her children. She was embarassed and afraid. She had expressed how she heard that some workers were not pleasant and judgmental. This is true sometimes. I wanted to prove to her we were not all the same. I have been the worker and the recipent of many services.

The young lady had never worked a day in her life. In this moment, I knew that this was God's way of reminding me of all who had and would judge me before knowing who I am. This also helped me to reflect and remember to treat others the way I would like to be treated.

The lady appeared broken, depressed and even contemplated taking her life. I said a silent prayer and I knew I had to follow guidelines that would place limitations on the amount of assistance I could allow her to receive. We completed the process for assistance. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary within this meeting other than listen and slowly speak. While she talked I prayed.

As we sat and I handled her application she begin to speak about her dreams and aspirations. I offered what resources I knew to be available and I felt compelled to just tell her she could do anything with God. I shared a piece of my own testimony and I had no idea that it would break some of the chains that had been holding her hostage. The experience is one I will never forget. When you hear the voice inside of you somber and sweet speak, please be obedient. It may be God's way of using you to intervene and possibly convince someone to live.

Please do not assume every cry for help requires monetary asistance. Sometimes it's just a mere sincere listening ear. In every situation God allows someone to go through, there is a positive aspect.

Many individuals are hurt and misunderstood. The homeless person who you are staring at judging may have been one of the smartest people in the world. Have you thought that maybe they unknowingly awoke one day to a lay off or misfortune that led to homelessness? What if they have no known family members or no one to turn to? This may have been a reason for their current situation. What about the child that awakes to his mother being beaten every morning and has now developed a temper due to frustration. Because of this the child now gets into altercations and put out of class at school daily. He or she may not understand how to express himself? How about the family that decided to disown their child because of their sexual preference? The child now has turned to the streets and drugs. Many situations should be pondered upon before judged. There is no one perfect person on this earth. We all have battles.

Never judge a book by its cover. You never know when you may be the book being judged!!!!! Show love as best you can and genuinely appreciate everyone. People can identify generic and authentic love of God. Be a vessel of God that truly can appreciate what they don't understand. Through it all know that God sits high and looks low. Our father knows us better than we know ourself and we must live to love every one of God's people.

Do you really know where someone's journey began????

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