God has carried me a mighty long way.....TBT Diary entry 8-10-2014

Fresh out of college ready to conquer the world and prove her worth and also that her education has finally paid off....she returns to her home town to venture out and begin a career only to begin the road to destruction.

Satan formed an attack very early in regards to ruining my future and tampering with God‘s plan for my future. 

As someone who has successfully gained knowledge and education outside of a comfort zone all to familiar. I still was not leading a life fit for my purpose. 

Most people dream of landing a great job straight out of college and I was blessed to do just that. 

But I didn't appreciate the path laid by God because, I was too blind and fixed on proving a point. A point to a town full of people who unknowingly had already constructed a plan to destroy me. 

They allowed satan to use them and I allowed satan to use me also. When God blesses you the enemy will do anything to stunt your growth and snatch you out of the will of God in so many sneaky and cunning ways. 

As much as we want to think we can straddle the fence there's a thin line between success and destruction. 

Over ten years later I'm still trying to repair a reputation that almost cost me my life!!!!!!

Have you ever felt that life's ups and downs have gotten you to the point of confusion and a loss for living life?? 

Well at this point I am beginning to feel the pressure of wanting to survive while also wanted to give up!! 

I am so confused and a bit ashamed of the way my life has begun to transition. I am eager to come up from some of the lowest points in my life but I have yet found peace within my circumstances. 

Every day is a battle with the mind for me. I am listening and trying to understand what directions are being led by God. 

I am also battling with situations and circumstances that are not so easy to walk away from. What do I do next??? Yes I don't have a clear explanation or direction to choose. I must admit I am so confused!!!!! TO BE CONT'D..............................................................

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