After battling a very toxic relationship, a young woman immediately begins entertaining a very nice, respectful, and generous young man. (At least that’s what she thought) She’s in a broken place. She just got laid off, doesn’t have a car anymore, and is having the most difficult time securing another job. The rent is due and it’s late for the third time. Somewhere in the middle of her chaos, she begins to hang out often with this gentleman. She knows deep inside that she’s in a dark place and her focus should be on healing, her career and building a legacy. The focus just isn’t there. Sometimes opportunities are presented through others and we may have the wrong interpretation of the intention as time progresses.

Often times as women we assume that men should want to wine, dine and treat us like queens. But let’s just be brutally honest we may not even treat our own selves like queens. When God isn’t in the midst of a relationship it’s very easy to get lost in manipulation and deceitfulness. Ladies !!!please ,please, please be aware of men who approach you bearing gifts, strong judgment and attempt to lure you away from your foundational support. This is a trick of the enemy most of the time. The gifts, quality time, and advice can be forms of manipulation.

As a woman if you know in your heart you are not interested whole heartedly please don’t pursue someone because of what they can do for you. We play a role in many situations that are also negative ladies.

Compromising your mind, body and soul to get what you need will definitely lead you down a difficult road.

But let me get back to the story. As time progresses she begins to become more dependent in regards to the gentleman. She starts to spend more time with him because he is providing many of her wants that expand beyond her needs. He appears interested in her goals, livelihood and overall care. As she becomes more interested in him over time something shifts. She can’t put her finger on it but it doesn’t feel right. They never proceed to establish a relationship but they’re definitely beyond the friend zone. She begins to conform to the terms of the relationship set forth by him. He continues to keep her entertained and ensures she doesn’t need anything. She is sure to arise to the occasion at his request. They begin to form what seemed like a friendship or “situationship” as it’s called now.

She begins to get comfortable with the idea of someone who actually covers her wants and needs. She’s never had an opportunity such as this before, but it came with a price.

She becomes lazy and unmotivated. Overtime those around her notice the shift in her. She doesn’t want to believe it. She sees no wrong in her actions. As the months go by, she begins to feel lightheaded, dizzy, and fatigue. She goes to the ER and after an examination for what she thinks is a stomach virus, boom Knock knock CONGRATULATIONS Ms. Hilliard you’re pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued!!!!!!

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