The moment you find your eyes filling with tears, your heart beating extremely fast and your breath begins to become quicker and deeper......

I know there is so much potential that lies within this body that God has temporarily allowed me to borrow for the duties and assignments placed upon this vessel. Life seems to take all sorts of turns and twist that sometimes appear to be meaningless or unimaginable. There are times when I am unsure if the test placed upon my life are designed to be conquered.

As I begin to understand and grasp the severity of the purpose and assignment placed upon my life I have become insecure and nervous at the same time. I begin to ask myself if there will be sunshine after the rain. It is quite apparent and hard to understand that this too shall pass. I have begin to look at life in a different light only to realize that my life itself has already been predestined. I am given favor in situations and circumstances that I don't even understand. Some of the smallest miracles to someone else have been very exonerating and amazing to me. The smallest gesture and or blessings have captured my heart and mind.

What looks to be an earthly favor all along has been God's way of grasping my attention. I've noticed when I don't ask or worry God makes his presence and stability known to me in very small interesting ways! It's the small favors that are appreciated and gone without notice that God loves to share. Those miracles appear so much bigger in my eyes. For example the messing up of food in a restaurant that ends up being free when you know that you shouldn't be eating out anyway. Or the person who mysteriously calls you with a blessing for you or child. The elder at church that pulls you aside and confirms something you've prayed about that only you and God know. The friend that calls you and says I love you when you've just had an argument with your brother or sister. The person who picks you up on the side of the road when your tire blows out and offers you a cheaper price just because they see the light that God shines on you. The delay at the airport that may just be a distraction for longer days on earth. Divine interventions and interceptions are designed to protect God's people.

These are miracles and blessings that only can happen with God's permission. These blessings are what gets us through the day, week, and month. These blessings help us to understand and show God's presence at all times. I am thankful for the appreciation and beauty God has shown me in the smallest realms. Without the small blessings I wouldn't understand the larger material blessings!

God is in control in EVERY situation! He deserves glory and honor no matter the situation!

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